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Philip Adams

Role on the Board - Missions and International Development Advisor

Background: At University of Bordeaux, France he received his M.A. Master’s degree focused on methodology development and teacher training. Fields of study include: Linguistics, Psycho-Linguistics, Socio-Linguistics and Cultural Anthropology. Bachelor of Arts- British and American literature--Linguistics. He and his wife Jennifer have two grown children, John and Harmonie. Thier passion for Christ has taken them to many countries to teach and develop leaders.

Current Occupation: He and his wife presently live in Paris, France where they serve the Federation of Evangelical Baptist Churches of France mentoring and consulting church leadership teams and pastors. We have been serving overseas for over 35 years as career missionaries, relief and development workers and consulting for Missionary organizations and Christian international non- governmental organizations. Philip brings to the board his international experience in overseeing medical, educational, public health and leadership development projects in developing nations. Their passion for Christ has taken them to many countries serving, teaching and developing leaders.

When did you first get involved with HaitiGO and what was your involvement? How are you involved now? Our involvement with HaitiGO started in 2017 while mentoring for several months one of the Haitian pastors who was in Fresno for medical treatment. As I listened to him and became familiar with the unique challenges of working in Haiti I was hooked and began thinking that maybe I could help in the area of leadership development and training pastors. My first trip to Haiti was in August 2017. I am focused on the leadership development components of HaitiGO and mentoring pastors and leaders.

Why do you have a heart for Haiti? I believe that I am responding to God’s heart for Haiti. My wife and I have served as career missionaries in several third-world nations and our hearts have been pierced by the plight of corruption filled countries and the suffering of the poor inhabitants in these places. Only Christ offers a solution that can change a nation. We want to be a part of bringing that change.