Deborah Frazier - "Sunrise"

Taylor Rotan and I woke up early one morning in order to see the sun rise. Quietly, Taylor and I went up to the roof top to view it. No one else was up and we did not see a soul in sight at least we thought. As we waited for the sun to rise, the young orphan boy in the photo joined us on the rooftop. We could not speak each other's languages; yet, all three of us enjoyed the sunrise together. We could hear the goats, turkeys, and roosters in the background. The smells in the air consisted of fires where trash was being burned. As the sun began to rise, we could also hear faint music and voices of other humans nearby. The young boy was intrigued by the flashlight that we had used in order to see our way up the stairs to the rooftop. We ended up giving it to him. You can see him holding it in the picture. I asked him if I could take his picture and he was receptive. (This is one of my favorite pictures as there is so much to take in from the picture...his youth yet the facial expression that is beyond his age.)