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About Me

Role on the Board - Vice President & Co-Director of the Haitian Bead Project

Education & Experience - Attended college for general education and law. I have 20 years of experience managing work processes and leading people in the medical field. I have held multiple volunteer leadership roles at The Bridge Church in Fresno, CA, and I have served on several boards including The Bridge Missions Team and cCARE Connect Foundation.

How long have you been involved with HaitiGO? - I have been involved since 2011

How did you get connected to HaitiGO? - My connection with HaitiGO started almost by accident. When I served as a leader on the Bridge Missions’ Team, an emergency left a Haiti-bound team leaderless. So, as a last-minute substitute I led that short-term mission team to Haiti. While I was there, I connected with Ericlee and Dorina Gilmore and had my world turned upside down. I began keeping the books for the Haitian Bead Project, and when they asked me to step onto the Board of Directors, I did.

Why do you have a heart for Haiti? - My first trip to Haiti was in 2011, shortly after the devastating earthquake. Seeing the aftermath of the disaster where thousands of Haitians were living in horrifying conditions, with terrible shelter, no access to food or safe drinking water, and very little hope, my life changed forever. God opened my eyes to the realities of abject poverty and to the very real needs of the Haitian people. I believe God led me down this path to serve and work alongside the people of Haiti to develop future generations, to provide hope and to utilize resources to improve the quality of my Haitian friends’ lives.