Beverly Damm.jpeg

Beverly Damm

Role on the Board - Treasurer

Background: AS degree in child development, preschool teacher for 3 years, and bookkeeper at Big Bore Drilling, Inc since 1994.

Current occupation: Business Owner, Office Manager/Bookkeeper at Big Bore Drilling, Inc.

When did you first get involved with HaitiGO and what is your involvement now? Following a 1 week trip to Haiti summer 2009, I joined the board and became the bookkeeper for the ministry. I have been a board member and the bookkeeper ever since.

Why do you have a heart for Haiti? During my first trip to Haiti I fell in love with the people I met there. I realized that they are my brothers and sisters in Christ. I was impressed with their strong faith in Christ and their abundance of joy in spite of their extreme poverty. I felt a need to continue the relationships with the people I met there and to become involved in some way to help improve their living conditions.